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Opening the Goldens

It was Christmas Day yesterday even though the date on the calendar said March 6th. The weather outside was in tune - cold and wet with spurts of hail crashing down from time to time. Then in the afternoon Santa Claus (or Christmas Father as he would be called here) suggested I go meet him at the parcel depot.

I got my package, the contents of which were marvelous to behold - but that will the the subject of another post. For now we will talk about twelve tubes making up two introductory packs of Golden Open acrylics, one in modern and the other in traditional colours.

It so happened that in the morning I had been to the art store to get some watercolour paper and whilst there I spotted a cute little block of paper for oils and acrylics made by Hahnemuehle in a postcard size 4.7 x6.7 - let's call it ACEO size - very cute, so I picked it up too.

Naturally I was dying to try out the Golden Opens so I just opened my folder of landscape/scenes references and landed on the picture of a charming balcony I had my eye on for a long time. I sat at my desk with a jar of water and a plastic disposable plate at my side and totally got lost in the "zone". It was Christmas Day after all. The family should consider themselves lucky to have gotten any dinner at all!

My impression of the Golden Open acrylics? Superb! A little tricky at first - they are very much like oils in behaviour, though they don't take that long to dry. They go on smoothly and are excellent for blending and creating soft edges. And they are also very transparent. I can see them being wonderful for working in thin glazes.

The one bit of a problem I had was in creating an opaque black. I tried alizarin crimson and phthalo green. I tried ultramarine blue and van dyke brown. They both gave me a nice rich black but it was more like a transparent ivory black.... you remember that repulsive Iodex ointmment we used to put on sprains and bruises? - that's the black I got. But I solved that problem with a second layer on top of the first one once it had dried and it worked a treat.

I ended up with what I think is a charming little postcard. I was telling my husband this morning - wouldn't it be nice to have the time while traveling to paint these little postcards to send to friends and family instead of taking pictures!

The painting above is  what I did on my Christmas Day in March - Balcony I (hmm.. does that mean there will be a series? )

© Rose Sciberras 2009

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